24 Hours to solve global problems

In case you need a nutritious meal while innovating, a good bowl of soup goes a long way.
Caveat: I am plant based and so the meat is Impossible. No, this is not sponsored. But it could be, if you are from Impossible and you want to support this message, I can be found here.

The Prompt: Solve a real problem, really quickly.

It should get messy.

The Process: Coaching for results, and training for progress

1. Structurally unstructured scheduled.

Baseline structure = 💙. 1 = 🍑 for completion. 2 = 🍌 for good results. 3 = 🌱 growth with high standards results.

2. Make it real.

Avoid being mickey mouse at all cost: on the axiom of cuteness to legitimacy, always seek being legit.

3. Feedback, feedback, and more feedback.

The results: 🏆 Top 5 team pitches in TKS Virtual + Boston

Team: James Zhang (presenting), Riya Palanki, Ankit Nakhawa, Eliot
Team: Okezue Bell (presenting), Sayyida Hashim, Sora Shirai, Liesl Anggijono

Best Overall TKS Boston: ECoG for helping nonverbal people communicate

Best Overall TKS Virtual: GUT app for personalized health advice using microbiome data


Main takeaways



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