9 ideas on growth

michael raspuzzi
2 min readAug 15, 2022


nine of my favorite ideas from this last year as a program director at tks.

  1. swap finite games for infinite ones. long term thinking changes short term decisions. twitter thread →
  2. maintain a day one mindset. hungry, curious, and experimenting while being willing to fail. bezos perspective →
  3. build in public. share honest updates to bring people alongside the process and journey versus just taking a photo from the top. 30 day challenge on twitter →
  4. write succintly what no one will say in longform. inspired from nietzche’s twilight of idols →
  5. writing is an important tool for new ideas. paul graham’s essay beyond smart highlights writing as a tool. twitter link →
  6. you are only as good as your worst day. back to basics important a reflection on high performance.
  7. make a personal moat. find asymmetric skills, build a portfolio, and meaningful connections to leverage for your future self. it will compound. h/t naval and charlie mungers for inspiration, and navid for designing it in discussion for final innovate session.
  8. resting the body starts by resting the eyes. panoramic vision is a way to release concentrated focus in the brain. huberman podcast →
  9. everything is better with a food analogy. testing the taste of this one, as food is relatable medium to share ideas. twitter link →

an excerpt from my annual letter.

🌊 hi, i’m michael, building olympic level 🌎 support for mission driven founders at Practice. previously, program director @ tks, design engineering instructor @ harvard, and program director @ cornell. i’m always 👨‍🍳cooking up something new.

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